Blue eggs?

Blue eggs?

They’re blue and they’re widely eaten and the Araucana, in particular.A new study found that a single gene, called callee oocyan, is responsible for the odd coloration of these blue chicken eggs.



Happy (Belated/In Advance) Mothers Day



Who endured the discomfort and carried us in her womb for nine months?

Who sacrificed her way of life and never complained, not once?

Who shared with us the goodness in every gulp of food?

Who rejoiced with our every kick and never even brood?

Who withstood the pain and produced the strength,

to later laugh and cry at our emergence?

Who in this world, would share with us their flesh and blood?


From the moment we opened our eyes,

we saw her smile and heard the first ” Hi ”

She caressed us with her tender arms,

and protected us from every conceivable harm.

We get to taste our first earthly blossom,

from the nectre of her bosoms.

She’s the one who held us as we cry,

and every night, kissed us and said ” Beddie Bye ”

She’s the first to hear our first uttering,

and pick us up from our first tumbling.

She’s the person who spoiled us rotten

and pampered us with gifts never to be forgotten.

She’s someone who sheltered and guided us,

constantly shining the light so we’d walk the right path.


As we grow older, she became our chauffeur,

as well as cook, friend, teacher, nurse and counselor.

Through heartaches and friendship breaks,

she’d heal us with¬† words¬† so compassionate.

Never shall we see anyone better,

than our mother as a cheer leader.


Who else can it be, that we cherish so dearly.

Our mother is a reservoir for all of our trust.

She’s a sage with infinite wisdom for all of us.

She’s the remedy to all of our fears.

Her worries lurk behind us like a shadow that’s always near.

Who else would treat us with genuine care

even with so little time to spare.

Who in the world, would have the will

to swap places with us when we are ill.


Lastly, I would like to say,

To all mothers who love us 24-hours a day.

You are our angel and you are our savior.

You are our example and you are our mentor.

We cherish your love and are eternally grateful

and we beg your forgiveness when we act the fool.


We love you mom, we will always do.




– The 12th of September is Mother’s Day where I come from.

Happy belated Mother’s day or Happy Mother’s day in advance!