Like Father Like son

When we take exams, we tend to stress over trivial matters, no?

Or perhaps some don’t stress at all.

This time, it’s neither. During the week our exams were given out, Three members of our little squad, Piranha, Barracuda and Catfish, dropped out to prepare for their exchange program. Thus, only two of the remaining members took the exam.

Of course, we were definitely stressed out of our minds neck deep in textbooks – Physics and chemistry rung the life out of us- so when we actually went into our classroom, three things happened.

Father Koala bumped into a table.

The examinees shrieked.

Our concentration went down the drain.

There goes my grades, I thought, because, trust me, in an exam your concentration is the only possible thing that can help you live thereafter. You could read tons of books, review and cite dozens of textbooks but without your full concentration on the test paper, nothing amounts to shoite.

” Oi! What are you doing ” Koala junior, our main invigilator, asked.

” I’m bumping into tables ” Father Koala replied.

” This is my room, go to Hedgehog ”

” I prefer this room ”

And so on and so fourth. Their bickering doesn’t help my situation in the slightest. I tried concentrating on my papers again, eyes zooming in till I thought my nose had touched the surface of the table. I caught some important words; V, Delta Q, U, C, W and-


What the hell was that formula, again?

“…” No good. I wasn’t going to past this test for sure. Resigning, I leaned against my chair and stared at the front of the room. Koala Junior was trying to make Father Koala back out of the room, slapping the other’s shoulder with blank left-over papers. I sighed and face palmed. They were having a staring contest. I looked at my exam.

Blah, blah, blah, find D.

Great, should I now calculate the angle of my face-plant?

Ah, Father Koala is gone now. Koala Junior is listening to music via earphones.

Thirty minutes to go.

Fish my life.



Life is ____, or so the hedgehog says.

Have you ever wondered just why on earth you were born into this world? Or why some people believe in fate? Or just how you’re gonna survive this unending cycle of the certain uncertainty in your life?


Guess we have to make do with it.

Or not. Just when every student seemed to be unable to give an answer that could satisfy us, We decided to change our plans.

Thus, We, the CEC, embarked on a journey through school in hopes of finding the most voted definition of life. Our target: The hedgehog.

It started out small. We asked around, wandering in the hallways when suddenly, The hedgehog crawled out of its hiding place. In the desperate attempt to outmaneuver it, Piranha ran out, jumped over a pile of books scattered hazardously on the floor and (would have) fell flat on her face…if the hedgehog hadn’t helped stop her momentum.

We proceeded with the questioning.

At first, the hedgehog hesitated in answering, shifting its weight from feet to feet. We stared blankly. Barracuda’s camera angles itself closer to get a better view of the target. Catfish’s purple microphone, ready.

” Life.. ” It started.

” is MAGIC

-Well, if that wasn’t self-explanatory.