Around 98 percent water, the Jellyfish, has, in fact been estimated to have been around  formore than 650 million years. They are, surprisingly, Plankton.

– they look like nerve endings attached to your eyeball.

Jellyfish can range in size from less than an inch to nearly 7 feet long, with tentacles up to 100 feet long and they seem to like symmetry because their structure has undeniable radial symmetry. Apparently, they do not have a brain, a heart or even eyes. However, They have rudimentary sensory nerves at the base of their tentacles to detect light. smell, and to orient themselves.


– A dead Jellyfish soon to be severely dehydrated and disappear into thin air due to their high water composition.




Jellyfish are likely to be found in cold and warm ocean water, in deep water, and along coastlines. Don’t let them sting you! You’ll be stunned and paralyzed .If you’re a fish you’ll be eaten!

images (2)




– Just look at this little bugger.





They generally have five stages in their life cycle.


– So medusa was a Jellyfish?, What ?

They’re ‘ floaters ‘ flowing along the ocean current. They live in all kinds of ocean water! Suddenly popping in and out is what they do. Don’t be surprised you suddenly find them lounging behind you.

” Yeah, alright, that’s fine, that too, I don’t know. – wait-er, ok , whatever.You know what? I’ll go with anything

                                                           – The Jellyfish (Member)


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