Made into a movie and written into a series, the Catfish is truly a fish well-known all over the world. Although, being made into a dish isn’t actually pleasing for them. And no, they are not related to actual cats.

white catfish face

– Tell me those barbels don’t look like whiskers

The Catfish is a fresh water scaleless fish often presumed as a bottom feeder. They can be made into food with various recipes around the world. A lot of people however, may argue that Catfish are indeed not really healthy. Catfish , in part parts of Asia, are raised in farms near the river and fed scraps of organic material. But don’t let that make you feel that they’re not good. In fact, the Catfish is considered to be one of the worlds largest fish. Wel, for example is a European Catfish that can weigh 200 kilograms and have a length on 3 meters!

Though, not much information about its species is well-known other than how to cook them, we know for a fact they have sensitive feelers, or barbels, to locate food such as crayfish.Them whiskers.

North American freshwater species include the channel catfish, blue catfish, bullhead, madtom, and stonecat. These fish can cause painful wounds with their sharp quills, or spines, located in front of their fins. Moreover, the walking catfish, found in Asia can crawl on land from one lake or pond to another by raising itself up with its front fins and pushing with its tail. It’s a good thing that a walking catfish can breathe out of water as a lungfish does.


– Never underestimate them.These fish can cause painful wounds with their sharp quills, or spines, located in front of their fins.

” Catfish are not related to cats. They have whiskers called Barbels to locate food. They help recycle matter for us in their river farms.They’re hilarious, cute, near harmless and appetizing. What more can we say?”

” Wait, did you just compare me with a Catfish? “

– The Catfish (Member)


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