Ever heard of protandrous hermaphrodites? Apparently Clownfish are born male but can somehow change their gender when a female dies off.My brain can’t process this  .This is because, Clownfish don’t stray from their home anemone and live only in small clusters in the warmer waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea..


– Why, hello there, grandpa Clownfish!

Hollywood’s NEMO aside, Clownfish aren’t cuddly little fish. They’re extremely territorial,( they might be possessive as well, who knows?). Clownfish are aggressive. You can see it in there forever grumpy expressions


– I think they’re professional stalkers

Clown fish lay eggs in batches. They are found near flat surfaces and in large numbers up to a 1000 eggs. It takes around a week or two to hatch. By the time they swim out into the open sea, or coral reef, Their father Clownfish will take care of them till they are mature enough to breed.


– Oh my god, it’s an army of protandrous hermaphrodites!

When a Clownfish takes up residence in a new anemone it performs an elaborate dance that’s gently touching the tentacles with parts of its body…..yeeeaaahhh, ok.

You think they’re harmless cute little buggers? THEY’RE CARNIVORES. They eat fish paralyzed by the sting of the anemone. They even eat the anemone’s rotting tentacles! (For the anemone’s good health, that is) In turn, the Clownfish’s excrement is the anemone nutrients.

What a beautiful life.

” They are carnivorous, aggressive, territorial, gender changing, grumpy-looking fish that only remotely look like clowns. Never judge a fish by its phospholipid bilayer, even if it looks like a cute little harmless palm sized fish.”

” You think I’m doing this for them?, You don’t know me at all “

                                                                         – The Clownfish (Member)


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