Star of the films Piranha 1978 and once again in Piranha 2010, the piranha fish is well-known throughout the world as cruel killers.


– Films inspired by the Piranha fish

Piranhas find habitats in  fresh water rivers and lakes in South America. 8 to 18 inches (20 to 45 cm) long, with deep, thin bodies that may be silvery blue, green, brown, or black, these fish have triangle-shaped teeth that are razor-sharp. Piranhas will use their sharp teeth to chop their victim into pieces. or tore limb from limb with velocity.

It has been known to travel both in schools and alone, with the latter seen more often. Contrast to popular beliefs, the piranha fish does not attack at first sight and rarely target humans. In some cases, the local swim with them as well, stating that piranhas are active only in parts of the day and would not, in turn, attack a human.

Though, they do show frequent attack rate among each other.

Apparently, they could be used as effective razor-sharp sciccors. (NOT reccomended, that’s just animal abuse)

Just look at it!


A random Piranha fish posing for the camera

They pack quite a bite that could kill but are relatively peaceful and mind their own business. Often feed in groups, the are animals that wouldn’t abandon it’s kin .Though, they do eat one another from time to time.

” I built this group, you know! “

                                           – The Piranha (member)


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